Magnum Days in Provincetown, MA

Posted on September 27, 2014 in Americas — Share this via

Last september, I was thrilled to be part of the first edition of Magnum Days in Provincetown, MA. This one of a kind gathering of master photographers included a 5-days workshop, daily lectures, and portfolio reviews. So many great talents (Costa Manos, Bruce Davidson, David Alan Harvey, Bruno Barbey, Olivia Arthur, Susan Meiselas) came to share their experience and knowledge about photography.

Here is below some pictures from my project with Costa Manos, a street photography legend.

Provincetown at night is full of surprises. A travesti is leading the Karaoke. A street photography moment as shot by Christophe Viseux during Costa Manos' workshop Reflection of leaflets for the local gay bar in Provincetown, MA Street photography is a form a photojournalism, which can also document the night life. Eccentric party in a bar of Provincetown in Cape Cod.