Timkat in Gondar

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Timkat in Gondar, by documentary phtographer in Africa Christophe Viseux

Gondar is the previous capital city of the Ethiopian Empire. Located in Northern Ethiopia, it is a place known for its 44 churches and every year thousand of people come together for the Epiphany.  Replicas of the Ark of Covenant (‘Tabot’) are taken to the holy waters of the Fasilides’ Bath through street processions.  Pilgrims fully immerse themselves to renew their vows and to honor the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River. Today, Gondar is home of the most colorful celebration in Ethiopia. Timkat.

Timkat Gondar. A group leader is holding a Christian cross during the street procession of Timkat in Gondar A young man is warming up in the sun after entering the cold holy water of Gondar, Ethiopia. Timkat in Gondar by documentary photographer in Addis Ababa Christophe VIseux Timkat Gondar. Young woman taking a rest in the sun after the Tabot has return to its altar,

Timkat Gondar